Decorative concrete projects can help enhance the curb appeal of your home and transform traditional concrete into a natural look using colors and concrete stamps to create texture on the surface of the concrete. Let us help you understand the design process. Please read through the following steps:

1.) Stamp pattern – We have 2 stamp patterns in stock and a texture roller. See below. Other patterns can be installed with special order.

2.) Coloring your concrete
a.) Integral color – This is where the color is mix in the truck at the plant prior to delivery. Integral color allows the color to be mixed throughout the concrete mix. It creates a more monochromatic look with less shading.  See color chart below.

b.) Broadcast color – Broadcast colors are used for highlights and borders. We can broadcast out various colors to create more of a marbled look and more shading.

3.) Release color – We have to use a release in order to stamp your concrete. Releases can come in liquid (clear) or powdered formed (colored). The colored releases get trapped in the indentations of the stamp pattern and remain for your final look.

4.)  Borders – Border can be achieved various ways through hand-tooling, using stencil or saw cuts

5.)  Other designs – You can achieve other designs through saw cutting or acid staining

6.) Sealer – All decorative concrete need to be sealed and kept sealed to keep its great look. We use a high solids decorative sealer.

We hope this tutorial helps as you make decisions on your project.  Feel free to call with questions or email designs you find on the Internet.